Fiza Ali, Sahir Ali Bagga Alert Their Fans On Fraudulent Concert In Bahawalpur

Scam Alert: Fiza Ali and Sahir Ali Bagga were Taken Advantage of by Dishonest Concert Promoters in Bahawalpur.

A “scam concert” that was meant to take place in Bahawalpur and for which she and musician Sahir Ali Bagga had contracts to perform was recently uncovered by Pakistani actor and TV host Fiza Ali. Ali disclosed in a video broadcast to her social media accounts that the organizers had learnt the performance was a fraud after the management teams of the two singers pleaded with them to repay the money. The company in charge of the event has been unreachable, refusing to return calls or transfer the advance payment, and the event’s organizers later disappeared and lost contact with the artists.

She did point out that they had found out the concert was a fraud. They became aware of this when the management teams of the two acts requested payment in advance from the organizers.

The event’s planners have lost contact with the stars at this time, according to Ali. Fiza Ali shared a video on her Instagram account complaining about the event’s organizers’ lack of communication. They weren’t answering the phones or transferring the advance funds, either.

She claimed that the ticket sellers persisted in selling tickets under her and Bagga’s names notwithstanding their request. Ali asked followers not to purchase concert tickets. She asked everyone who had already purchased tickets to get a refund.

The Mehendi actor affirmed that she won’t be taking the stage at today’s event in Bahawalpur.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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