FBR Orders Taxmen to Update HRIS Profiles

All tax officials are required by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to update their personal information in the human resource information system (HRIS)

The FBR issued directives to all Chief Collectors/Directors General/Collectors of Customs and Directors General/Chief Commissioners of Inland Revenue on Friday regarding this.

The majority of the FBR field formations, despite repeated orders from the Board from time to time, are not updating the HRIS data, according to the FBR’s direction to the field formations. The Competent Authority, who is treating the situation seriously, has asked that all Heads of field formations make sure that HRIS data is updated every day without fail.

The available IT employees will be trained promptly for this purpose by the relevant field formations, ensuring that the sanctioned strength of each office corresponds with the Budget Order and that any changes to the number of posts in or out of the office in question are updated right away.

To guarantee that the working strength in each cadre indicated in the HRIS data is updated on a daily basis, the recording of such events in the HMS system should be made on the same day as the transfer (in/out), retirement, death, removal/dismissal, or any other punishment, as the case may be.

The affected officers and personnel should update their profiles in the HRIS system on the same day through the ADC/DC (Hqrs) in question, according to the FBR.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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