Fatmap, 3d Outdoor Mapping Platform, Acquired by Strava

Hiking and other sports will be at the next level with a joint venture of Strava and FATMAP, A new era of 3D mapping will begin

Strava and FATMAP agreed to start a joint venture. It will be a great opportunity and news for hikers, cycling enthusiasts, and other sports guys. But right now, they have not shared the detail of this joint venture.

FATMAP is a famous platform and app among hikers and adventure lovers. It helps discover, plan, track, and share outdoor adventures with other guys in your field. It also helps create a 3D map of the desired destination, giving anyone a glimpse of the future. Google map provides such information but is far behind in discovering, playing, tracking, and sharing the experience.

Strava is an American-based social media application. It helps to engage athletes of the same profession all around the globe. Both sides can be aware of the other’s activities by following each other. GPS allowed us to track each other. In this way, they can compete with each other. Users can experience multiple options by buying its premium account.

They will start it soon, but it’s not a piece of cake. It will take time to deliver promised perfect duo. It was also said both of the companies would remain separate.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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