AI Can Significantly Increase IT Exports

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Considerably Increase the Amount of IT Exports.

“The Pakistani IT industry has had steady growth over the past few years, revealing some of its potential. Support from the government and university for enhancing company accessibility, tax breaks, fostering R&D, and developing skilled laborers can work wonders for Pakistan, according to Umair Azam, founder and CEO of Integration Xperts.

According to reports, these opinions at a panel discussion on “IT Exports & Way Forward” at the recently concluded Global Digital Summit 2023 in Islamabad.

He claimed that ICT services exports, which include telecommunication, computer, and information services, increased to US$2.6 billion in FY22 from US$ 2.1 billion in FY21 and that they can rise even higher by concentrating on cloud deployments and investing in more recent technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

In order to stop the brain drain, he continued, Pakistan must also develop and train its people resources and offer them profitable possibilities. Umair added that local businesses should spend money on R&D to develop ground-breaking concepts and improve Pakistan’s standing internationally.

Umair asserted that Pakistan may exponentially increase its IT exports by 2025 if it focuses on niche markets and develops strong partnerships with foreign partners.

At the summit, which included more than 300 stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators from the IT industry, President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi served as the chief guest. In order to recognize Integration Xperts as a top performer in Pakistan’s IT sector, the president also gave the CXO Excellence Award to its founder and CEO, Umair Azam.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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