EU Will Launch a First-of-its-kind Agreement on Artificial Intelligence

The USA and the European Commission are going to launch a unique AI agreement

The United States of America is in a joint venture with the European Commission about a unique Artificial Intelligence agreement. This agreement is more than a security exchange.

An official said before the final announcement that different aspects of life would work under the umbrella of this agreement, i.e., agriculture, healthcare, emergency response, climate forecasting and the electric grid. He called it the first sweeping agreement between the USA and European Commission. This agreement will help to speed up and efficiently the policies related to these sectors.

The senior administration official said,

“The US data stays in the US, and European data stays there, but we can build a model that talks to the European and the US data because the more data and the more diverse data, the better the model. The magic here is in building joint models (while) leaving data where it is.”

This initiative will give access to bigger data from both America and Europe, which will help in machine learning. More data for training will enhance the efficiency of the AI algorithm. The partnership is right now between USA and European Commission. Soon other countries will be invited for partnership.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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