Deaths toll from Turkiye-Syria earthquake to reach 50,000:UN relief chief

According to UN Relief Chief Martin Griffiths, the current death toll of 28,000 from the big earthquake in Syria and Turkey will at least double

In the southern Turkish city of Kahramanmaras, Griffiths arrived on Saturday. Griffiths stated in an interview that it was difficult to make an exact estimate because of the need to dig through the debris, but he was confident that the amount would double or more.

We haven’t really started counting the dead yet, he said.

Authorities and medical personnel reported that 24,617 persons died in Turkey and 3,574 in Syria. 28,191 has been added to the confirmed total.

Despite frigid weather that has made millions of people who are now in critical need of assistance even more miserable, tens of thousands of rescue workers are searching flattened neighbourhoods.

At least 870,000 people in Turkey and Syria urgently require hot meals, the UN has warned. There may have been up to 5.3 million homelessness cases in Syria alone.

In a video shared on Twitter, Griffiths stated, “Soon, the search and rescue people will make way for the humanitarian agencies whose mission it is to look after the tremendous number of folks affected for the coming months.”

Written by Aly Bukshi

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