CMOs Has Written A Letter To USF On Import Limitations

Rs. 8 billion projects are facing delay, CMOs has written a letter to USF describing their import limitations

Cellular mobile operators (CMOs) request to delay the 10 projects costing Rs. 8 billion to Universal Service Fund (USF). The letter describes the difficulty of importing the necessary equipment required to develop infrastructure across the country.

USF has signed about 130 projects with Rs.124 billion costs. The delay in the completion is now deciding the fate of upcoming projects across the country. Resources from the CMO have confirmed that a letter was delivered with the request to USF.

CMO started its venture in 2007 with the aim that it will develop the telecommunication infrastructure across the un-served and underserved areas of the country. All the cellular networks are paying 1.5 of their income to CMO to develop the structure.

There are many issues that CMO is currently facing besides the import limitations. Some of the issues are security challenges, restricted movement, damage to site infrastructure due to terrorist activities, equipment theft, community issues, land disputes, local administration, NOCs from local administration /DCs, and forest lands.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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