Botim Now Transfers Money to Over 200 Countries

Botim is now going to provide money transfers to over 200 countries and regions

A UAE-based tech investment firm ASTRA has done a deal with MoneyGram, a world-famous and leading money transfer operator. According to the deal, it will provide a remittance transfer service over BOTIM. ASTRA is making BOTIM an ultra-app.

Earlier this month, ASTRA bought ownership of BOTIM. BOTIM is a solution for voice-calling, video calling, and remittance transfer. Under the umbrella of ASTRA, it will now help to transfer the remittance to 200 countries and regions across the globe.

Being the only government-approved platform to offer VoIP services in the UAE, BOTIM has 90 million user cumulative and 25 million active users. Founder of ASTRA and CEO of BOTIM said about the joint venture with MoneyGram,

“Partnering with MoneyGram will allow us to leverage their unparalleled security and offer BOTIM users world-class financial services,”

He added more,

“We are revolutionising the sending of international money transfers by making it as easy as text messaging and removing the hassles of standing in long lines, tedious form-filling, and unnecessarily carrying cash or paying additional fees.”

UAE is one of the major hubs across the globe that transfer remittances. According to a report in Q1 2022, AED2.88 trillion in remittance was transferred from UAE. This step will make the procedure easier for the users.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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