Babar Azam: Fastest Pakistani To Score 12000 Runs In International Cricket

Babar Azam achieves record-breaking milestone, becoming the quickest Pakistani batter to reach 12,000 runs in international cricket.

Pakistani cricket star Babar Azam achieved a new milestone by becoming the quickest Pakistani player to score 12000 runs in international cricket, a feat he accomplished during the first ODI against New Zealand at the Pindi Cricket Stadium on Thursday.

In response to his new record, Azam humbly stated in a local web interview that he never sets his sights on personal achievements. His primary objective, he insists, has always been to perform in a way that secures victories for his team. “When your aim is to provide impactful performances, milestones are just a natural progression. Records and achievements are simply side effects of this mindset,” Azam elaborated.

Azam stressed that his only aspiration is to contribute to the success of his country. He elaborated, “I’ve never set my sights on setting specific records. Those come naturally with performance. My main goal, however, has always been to win matches and tournaments for my country and ensure my performance has an impact.”

Azam was also asked about his fellow player, Fakhar Zaman’s praise for his and Mohammad Rizwan’s contributions to Pakistan. He responded by saying that Zaman’s words demonstrated the genuine team spirit within their squad. “Fakhar’s comments reflect our team’s culture. We encourage and support each other. We spend more time with each other than with our families, and to foster a strong team spirit, it’s crucial to stand by your teammates and celebrate each other’s success,” he shared.

The Pindi Cricket Stadium will host the second ODI between Pakistan and New Zealand this coming Saturday.

Written by Muhammad Qasim