Arrival of Yet Another Electric Scooter in Pakistan

The C1 Pro, a new moped variant that differs from the C1 and is being released by Pakistani auto manufacturer Evee Electric, has been upgraded from the C1.

This follows the C1, Pakistan’s first locally built electric scooter, which was a commercial success due to its affordability and environmental friendliness in the face of rising fuel prices and inflation.

The Graphene battery pack in the C1 Pro extends range by improving conductivity and enabling quicker charging and discharging cycles.

Specs & Features

In comparison to the previous C1, the Evee C1 pro’s specifications and features are listed below.

The C1’s range of 65 km/h has been increased to 95 km/h in the C1 Pro. The moped is available in four color options, including Blue, Ruby Red, Ivory White, and Space Grey.

In recent years, electric scooters have become more and more well-liked as an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional transportation options like cars and public transportation.

They are especially helpful for commuters and college students who must quickly travel short distances.

The development of significant infrastructure, such as charging stations, as well as public education to raise awareness of the advantages of electric vehicles are necessary for the adoption of electric vehicles.

To hasten the transition to a more sustainable future, governments can play a critical role in encouraging the use of electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure development.

The dedication of Evee Electric to environmentally friendly technology is encouraging for Pakistan’s automotive sector, which has been heavily dependent on conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. With the launch of the C1 Pro, it is evident that automakers in Pakistan are actively looking into environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

This is a positive step towards a future that is greener and more sustainable. The company’s choice to introduce the C1 Pro following the C1’s commercial success demonstrates its commitment to giving Pakistanis accessible, cost-effective transportation options.

Written by Imad Khan

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