A New Google Tool Converts Text To Video

Immediately after Meta released its own text-to-video AI tool, “Make a Video,” Google launched Imagen Video, another text-to-video AI tool.

A textual prompt will be used exclusively by the tool to create films at 24 frames per second and 1280×768 resolution. Users of this beta tool can make Pixar-style monsters and fantastical architecture. According to Business Today, a demonstration of Google’s technology featured coffee being poured into a cup.

The features of Imagen Video include animated letters displayed in various animation styles, 3D spinning objects, and created movies of works of art by well-known artists. The tool would also have internal data sets of 14 million films and 60 million photos, as well as noise cancellation augmentation.

A 16-frame movie will be produced once users input text instructions that have been encoded as textual embedding. The video would then be utilised to produce a 5.3s, 128-frame high definition video.

Google’s Imagen Video has drawn criticism for violating copyright laws, misusing artwork, and endangering upcoming artists while other businesses including Meta, Microsoft, and DALL-E2 have worked on comparable video creators.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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