A Chinese citizen was looted by fake police persons in Pakistan

Official started investigation as its not first incident where one has to lose his belonging by robbers

A Chinese citizen was looted by fake police in Islamabad Pakistan, they took 400,000 Pakistani Ruppees and his passport.

it was not the first incident that happened, earlier FIA investigated to arrest a person who claim to be a police officer and was a fake police officer.

According to a Chinese citizen, he was stopped by four persons wearing police uniforms near the Kohsar police station.

He said that I was coming from a shopping mall and unexpectedly  4 people came towards me and they took my passport and 400,000 rupees.

The Chinese citizen filled out an FIR and demand justice, Pakistan police started an investigation, to find who was involved in this.

Earlier a person Mustafa Ansari looted many peoples calling him an officer of the PM house, and Innocent peoples give their money to him, as he was a fraud so he was arrested by the police.

The Chinese man says, He was badly robbed, now justice should be served and these robbers should be arrested.

Even before this, innocent people have been robbed by these robbers, if justice is served, this will not happen again.

A Chinese resident who thought he was safe in Pakistan lost his belongings and money.

He was robbed by four fake policemen. Hope the police will provide justice soon.

Written by Piyar Ali

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