55 Vehicles Collided on the Highway in China

55 vehicles collided on the highway in China; 16 were killed, and 66 were injured

About 50 trucks and vehicles collided on a highway in central China, resulting in 5 vehicles being destroyed and 16 people killed while 66 were injured.

According to the international news agency, several vehicles collided on a busy highway in the Chinese province of Hunan. Most of the trucks delivering goods in different cities met with an accident. People Daily has reported that more than 180 rescue workers have been dispatched to the pile-up scene in Changsha, the provincial capital.

The rescue teams reached the spot as soon as the accident was reported. One hundred eighty rescue workers took part in the rescue operations, transporting the dead and injured to hospital and removing debris from the highway. Around 55 vehicles collided in the accident, out of which 5 cars were destroyed. Seven people were killed on the spot in the collision of two vehicles, after which successive vehicles collided.

In total, 16 people were killed in this traffic accident, while 66 were injured, of which 8 were seriously injured, and the death toll is expected to increase. Traffic police said that the injured were immediately taken to hospitals for proper treatment, including eight who suffered relatively severe injuries and whose vital signs are currently stable.

China’s Ministry of Emergency Management has ordered an investigation into the cause of the accident.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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