World Cup Football 2022: Pakistani Truck Painters Create A Mural In Doha

Prior to the FIFA World Cup, a crew from Pakistan painted a mural in Doha, Qatar, which is on display at the Doha Museum.

After two weeks, Ali Salman Anchan’s Phool Patti group finished painting the artwork. As part of an official collaboration with the Qatar Museum for its regional programme, Phool Patti was extended an invitation to visit Qatar.

“We are invited to official partnership with the Qatar Museum for its local programme, Jedariart, in Doha this year 2022,” wrote Ali in an Instagram post. “Phool Patti is proud to be promoting Pakistani truck art and the beauty of Pakistan’s heritage and art in Doha, Qatar,” added founder Ali Salman Anchan and other team members Mumtaz Ahmad and Muhammad Amin.

The murals of Indian and Pakistani truck art side-by-side are Jedariart’s finest feature. People will undoubtedly draw more inspiration from both nations’ truck art, and everyone will be aware of Pakistan’s claim to fame in the field of truck decoration.

“Our mural is regarded as one of Doha’s greatest. The truck art painting represents Phool Patti’s commitment to advancing Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.

“We made an effort to create our best work, and, thanks to Allah, it was well accepted and everyone began to adore it.

The mural measured around 23×33 feet and has been painted at the Al Mansoura Metro Station.

The best part of Jedariart is the Pakistani truck art mural and the Indian Truck Mural painted side-by-side.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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