Who’s The Finest Player, Kohli Or Tendulkar

Who is better? Sachin Tendulkar vs Virat Kohli

Yesterday, while playing against Sri Lanka, the Indian middle order player batter star Virat Kohli scored his 46th ODI and 74th international century. He played exceptionally well in this ODI series. He scored 3 centuries in the last 4 matches. He is 3 centuries behind the ex-Indian captain and batters Sachin Tendulkar. He scores 49 ODI centuries in his career.

The comparisons are going on, and everyone is throwing their opinion about both, i.e., who is better than both? Some experts are only looking at the stats and figures. In this scenario, Kohli looked phenomenal as he scored his 46th century in a mere 257 ODI. On the other hand, Tendulkar played 463 ODI’s and scored 49 centuries.

While if we look at all scenarios, then Tendulkar is great than him. As he played against the furious pace attack of the world, that was never easy. He faced Akhtar, Lee, Wasim, Waqar, and other greater-pace attacks. Other than pace, spin was also exceptional. If we look at the present cricket bowling attack, it differs from that.

In a nutshell, both are exceptional in their respective era.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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