WATCH: Internet Finds Amusing Woman With No Nose Bone

A woman’s video demonstrating the flexibility of her nose stunned many social media users.

Romana Bruintjes of the Netherlands, who appears to have been born without a nasal bone, posted a video showing her pressing her nose all the way up to show how the cartilage is missing.

On camera, Bruintjes, who has over 8,600 Instagram followers, is seen stooping and poking her nose with her index finger. The onlookers are shocked to see the nose completely flatten.

The young lady identifies as a singer and makeup artist. “Do you have a bone in your nose?” she asked in the caption of her reel.

The video surprised many people on the internet. Under the Dutch blogger’s video, some viewers left amusing remarks, while others merely expressed their disbelief.

If you ever run into a glass door, it won’t matter, a user remarked.

Another person stated, “I feel that this is how all humans should be, it’s unnatural to have hard noses like most people.

One user even admitted that they too lacked nose cartilage.

“Neither do I have any cartilage. My party trick is this “they claimed.

On TikTok, Bruintjes has more than 65,000 followers and regularly uploads amusing videos and cosmetic instructions. The influencer’s video received one million likes on the app for sharing short videos.

Her case could be an instance of a low nasal bridge. Some users even said it was “practice”. However, the blogger did not clarify whether she had a medical condition.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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