This Eid, Here Are 5 Amazing Mehndi Patterns Inspired By Your Favorite Stars!

This year, our favorite celebs are stealing our hearts with their understated, delicate, and straightforward designs.

This Eid ul Fitr, delicate and unusual henna patterns are all the rage. The women in our entertainment sector made the decision to be as artistic as they could with their mehndi this year, using anything from small flowers to a straightforward moon!

Who would have imagined that a simple mehndi pattern could allow someone to express themselves? In addition to being adorable, the majority of these designs are quite easy to execute. They are doable at home!

To help you start, we put up a list of five cute patterns that we think might give your Eid outfit a last-minute boost.

Hania Amir

This is the one we like most. How about a butterfly in your mehndi? Count us in! The simple, lovely, and unique design is Hania’s choice for this Eid. This pattern would go well with any dress you choose on the three days of Eid when paired with acrylics.

Mawra Hocane

In our opinion, this one is the most straightforward. Who knew that some simple triangles could be painted with henna on your hand and look so beautiful? This is a fast mehndi design that we would absolutely suggest if you are seeking one.

Areeba Habib

This is for people who enjoy combining traditional mehndi patterns with the delicate henna trend now in style. Use a conventional design on the back of your hand and a repeating, miniature flower pattern on the palm to complete it for the best of both worlds.

Sonya Hussain

Try flowers if triangles are too easy for you. This Eid, add a repeating floral design to your mehndi instead of just wearing it on your favorite piece of apparel. Once more, extremely straightforward but lovely.

Yashma Gill

Try crescent moons if flowers and triangles are not your things. There are no restrictions; no pun intended. Why not incorporate the moon into your mehndi design given that we all know it has a special significance for Eid?

Which mehendi design do you prefer?

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

Keen to write variety of topics and industries. My aim to create content that is informative, entertaining, and of the highest quality.