The Priority In Conversations Will Now Go To Paid Twitter Users

Recently, additional features have been added to the brand-new Twitter Blue subscription

Recently, additional features have been added to the brand-new Twitter Blue subscription. Some of the most recent ones, like the capacity to post videos lasting up to an hour, and priority in chats, were previously promised. These are now included in Twitter Blue.

Longer videos with a 1080p quality and a 2GB file size can be uploaded via the web. It used to be possible for Twitter Blue subscribers to upload films up to 10 minutes long at 1080p resolution and 512MB in size. Videos uploaded via Twitter’s iOS and Android apps are subject to this restriction.

According to Twitter, when it comes to dialogues, users will notice that replies from Blue verified accounts are given a little precedence over other replies. Simply explained, people who subscribe to Blue or who were verified under the previous system before Elon Musk took over will have their comments appear higher up under a tweet.

Future updates to Twitter Blue are probably going to provide more features to entice users to pay the $8 monthly fee (or $11 if they choose to subscribe from an iOS device). The biggest attraction is still the blue verification badge. We’ll have to wait and see if that manages to increase Twitter Blue subscribers moving forward.

Recently, Twitter made it possible to immediately access stock and cryptocurrency prices through its search feature. Simply enter the dollar sign and the appropriate ticker symbol, and the website will display the stock or cryptocurrency’s current price.

For instance, the search bar will display the current prices for Ethereum and Google stocks if you type “$GOOG” and “$ETH” into it. Even without the dollar sign, it occasionally works, but the outcomes can vary.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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