The CEO Of Twitter France Resigns And Says, “It’s Over”

PARIS: Twitter’s chief of French operations, Damien Viel, said he was quitting the social media platform, whose new owner Elon Musk recently ousted key executives and mandated deep employment cuts at the firm.

“It’s over,” Viel tweeted on Sunday, thanking his staff in France, which he led for the last seven years.


Viel announced his departure from Twitter.


He declined to reveal how many workers Twitter employed in France before or after Musk’s takeover of the business last month, nor did he go into detail about the reasons for his resignation.


French labour regulations prohibit employers from abruptly firing long-term employees. Companies with a presence in France are required to formally notify employees of their intentions to terminate them in advance, generally through the use of a letter with a receipt acknowledgement.


Depending on the circumstances of the dismissal and the level of seniority of the personnel, they must also adhere to specific notification requirements.


Companies must also follow specific protocols, which include notifying staff, staff representatives, and the ministry of labour, for terminations affecting several employees within 30 days.


This indicates that the entire process can take several weeks or even several months.


Since Musk’s takeover in October, communications requesting a statement from a Twitter representative in France have gone unanswered.


Since the richest person in the world took over, Twitter has seen some difficulties. While Musk has raised the prospect of the social media platform going bankrupt, it has cut staff globally by about half.


He recently told employees to consider whether they wanted to stay on “working long hours at high intensity” or take a severance package of three months pay.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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