Sri Lankan Cricketer Accused Of Rape In Australia

According to court documents, a Sri Lankan cricketer accused of raping a woman while in Australia for the T20 World Cup choked her so hard that she was left “fearing for her life.”

On October 29, A women who cannot be identified – matched on Tinder. Danushka Gunathilaka, 31, was charged with four counts of rape on Sunday and is also accused of removing a condom while having sex with the woman.In an interview with police, the batter denied any violence or lack of consent.On Monday, he was denied bail because police claimed he was a flight risk.On Wednesday, a court suppression order was lifted, allowing reporting on the documents used by police to oppose his bail.

According to the police evidence presented in court, Mr Gunathilaka and the 29-year-old complainant – who cannot be identified – met on Tinder on October 29.According to the documents, they agreed to meet in Sydney on November 2nd for drinks and dinner before returning to the complainant’s house. Mr Gunathilaka is accused of having “forceful” sexual intercourse with the woman, choking her three times – once for up to 30 seconds each time.

“The complainant was afraid for her life and was unable to flee the accused,” police claim in court documents.

According to the documents, the woman also noticed a condom on the floor during the alleged assaults, despite asking Mr Gunathilaka to wear one.

According to the police, the woman was “clear” that she did not consent to sex without a condom or sex with choking. She was then taken to the hospital for a sexual assault forensic examination and a brain scan to rule out any injuries caused by the alleged repeated choking, according to the report.

Mr Gunathilaka denied any violence and said the sex was consensual in an interview with police detailed in court documents, but when detectives questioned him, he couldn’t recall conversations with the complainant about consent.A person must say or do something to communicate their consent for sex under new “affirmative consent” laws in New South Wales (NSW), where the alleged incident occurred.

Sri Lanka Cricket has suspended Mr Gunathilaka from all forms of the game and appointed its own panel to investigate the incident.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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