Sindh Government Advises Karachi Residents To Use Masks After Covid’s New Variant Found

After Covid’s new version was found in Karachi, Dr. Faisal Mahmood advised people to wear masks and avoid public gatherings.

Dr. Faisal Mahmood discovered new Covid variant cases in Karachi but said there are few new variants of Covid patients visiting hospitals. In the event of illness, he recommended individuals visit a doctor to be examined. People in Sindh who are ill have been told to wear face masks and to stay away from public areas.

Additionally, he urges everyone to visit a doctor if they become ill whenever a sick individual has been told to wear a face mask and to stay out of public areas.

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Furthermore, six cases of the new Covid-19 strain, XBB, and XBB-1, have been found in Karachi, according to a statement from the health department. However, they found that the South Asian nation remained immune to the most contagious strain, BF.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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