Sheikh Rashid is placed in custody for 14 days by the court

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the leader of the Awami Muslim League (AML), was ordered to Adiala Jail on judicial detention for 14 days on Saturday by a district court in Islamabad

The capital police provided tight protection when the AML supremo was brought before Judicial Magistrate Umar Shabbir, where the police asked the court for a further five-day physical detention of the AML leader as well as a photogrammetric test.

The investigative officer briefed the court regarding the photogrammetry and voice-matching tests during the hearing.

The former interior minister added, “It would be better if I were put to death than being held by the police. I spent hours being bound to a chair while wearing blindfolds.

Shiekh Rashid requested a court order directing the government to transport him to a hospital to have his wounds bandaged and to provide him with Rangers security. The judge then gave the order to free Mr. Ahmed. The attorney for the AML chief argued that the sentences imposed in Mr. Rashid’s case were invalid.

The AML leader was taken into custody by Islamabad police early on Thursday from his residence in a private housing complex in the nation’s capital. A complaint was made against Sheikh Rashid at the Aabpara police station by the vice president of the PPP’s Rawalpindi chapter. The complaint said that during a talk show, the AML chief accused the PPP co-chairman of hatching a plot to kill PTI using terrorists.

In a previous statement, the PTI leader said that Mr. Zardari had planned a scheme to assassinate him and that a terrorist outfit had been hired for the purpose.

According to the FIR, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has been charged with violating Pakistani Penal Code Sections 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 153A (promoting hatred between various communities, etc.), and 505 (statements relating to public mischief). His defiance of a police order to appear before the investigative team in the case by 4 p.m. on Wednesday of last week led to his detention. The notification has, however, been contested in the Islamabad High Court by the AML director.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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