Several Raids in Rawalpindi, Recovered 66000 KG Illegally Stocked

A total of 66,000 kilograms of unused flour has been recovered in RAIDS in Rawalpindi

In several raids across Rawalpindi, Punjab, the Punjab Food Department conducted a major crackdown against hoarders, recovering over 66,000 kilograms of flour.

A flour stock monitoring system has been implemented by the department to provide relief to citizens.

A raid conducted by the Deputy Director of the Food Department in Rawalpindi led to the seizure of 66,000 kilograms of hoarded wheat flour. A flour mill has been sealed and six individuals have been charged. According to the deputy director, the recovered wheat flour will be made available to the public at the government-mandated price.

A widespread shortage of wheat prompted the department to investigate flour mill records. Many shopkeepers have reported shortages of the government-allocated flour, so officials requested three months’ worth of records from flour dealers and shopkeepers.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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