Sam Billings Wants Lahore Qalandars To Win PSL Trophy Again

Sam Billings, Lahore Qalandars’ wicket-keeper-batter, wants to win PSL season eight.

Sam Billings, the wicketkeeper-batsman for Lahore Qalandars, has his team winning the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season eight championship in mind.

The 31-year-old English cricketer told news reporter in Islamabad that his only personal objective in Pakistan is to help Lahore Qalandars win the championship. He denied having any other personal objectives.

“To win the PSL with Lahore Qalandars,” he said when asked whether he has any personal goals planned for PSL 2023.

I don’t really have a lot of personal objectives. As long as I’m giving my all to the team and we’re winning. The most crucial factor is that, he continued.

The Lahore Qalandars captain Shaheen Shah Afridi received accolades from the English cricketer for his leadership abilities.

“How rapidly he picks up the game surprised me. He has a lot on his plate, especially as a young leader and bowler, but he manages it effectively. He has a very cool, collected demeanour. He also enjoys the challenge. It’s amazing, and maybe he can help us win another championship with the skills he’s demonstrated throughout this competition, Billings said of Shaheen.

Billings played for Islamabad United in the first and second PSL seasons, but this time he is in Lahore’s dugout and is making his debut in Pakistan.

The grounds are wonderful, nice wickets to bat on, and you get such tremendous value with the outfields as well. What a team, it’s a terrific environment to be a part of, remarked Billings when asked about his experience playing in Pakistan and being a member of Qalandars.”

After the last several years with COVID and everything, it is obviously so fantastic to play in front of fans, and the support we’ve had has been incredible. All of our games have been in Lahore, and it has been unbelievable, with full crowds everywhere. When a foreign player first visits this country, they learn just how important cricket is to the locals, the England cricketer remarked.

“Over here, a lot of bowlers are hitting 140 and 150. I think this has to do with the roar’s capacity to move quickly. In terms of quality and enjoyment, I’d say it ranks right up there. I adore it,” Billings stated in reference to PSL.

He asserted that confronting Shaheen as a batsman is considerably worse than keeping wickets. “I believe that applies to the majority of our bowling attack. Rashid, Haris, and Zaman are on our team; playing alongside them is far better than playing against them.”

He is a fantastic character that is enthusiastic and upbeat. He stated of his buddy Haris Rauf, “And now he’s a fantastic teammate, he’s a great man and very much the life of the party.

Written by Muhammad Qasim