Real Madrid Dismiss Champions League Final Refund As ‘Insufficient’

The LaLiga club claimed on Thursday that UEFA’s refund system for fans who attended last year’s Champions League final is “insufficient.”

Real Madrid announced on Thursday that it will not participate in UEFA’s reimbursement process for spectators who witnessed the Champions League final last year because the compensation offered by the governing body is “insufficient”.

As thousands of Liverpool fans were turned away from the Stade de France during the match on May 28, which Real Madrid won 1-0, the final in Paris was postponed by 36 minutes.

Tear petrol has been seen being used by French police on spectators, including women and children. UEFA first attributed the chaos to the Merseyside club’s supporters, but once an independent study was published, the governing body issued an apology.

UEFA announced on Tuesday that it would reimburse Liverpool supporters who went to the final in Paris last year. The English club stated that it would put the refund programme into effect, and it would cover all of the club’s final ticket allotment.

Real Madrid and neutral supporters who met the requirements for a refund would be handled by UEFA’s customer care, the organisation stated.

Tickets range in price from 62 pounds ($74) to 610 pounds ($733) for the finale.

Madrid said in a statement they had held negotiations with UEFA “with the purpose of analysing the compensation that will be paid to the fans”.

“Unfortunately, our club feels that the UEFA proposal… falls short. It essentially entails the recovery of the ticket price, subject to the fulfilment of a number of conditions, including presenting documentation of the entry time into the stadium.”

Madrid continued by saying that a website support service will be created so that supporters could file “proper claims” against UEFA.

“… The start of the game was delayed by an unacceptable amount for all of the spectators. Further harm, such as theft, assaults, and threats, as well as intolerable lack of security when entering and leaving the stadium, “stated Madrid.

Real Madrid has decided not to participate in the limited compensation mechanism suggested by UEFA because of this. We are requesting that UEFA rectify the problem and take full responsibility.

UEFA stated later on Thursday that its repayment system had been devised following “broad consultation”, adding that Madrid was “the only party which did not engage with the Independent Review”.

Real Madrid refused to participate in the design of the refund plan and ultimately turned down the invitation to handle refunds for eligible customers who purchased tickets from the club, according to UEFA.

“Regardless of which side they support, the special refund programme is intended for fans who are most negatively impacted while entering the Stade de France. UEFA is still of the opinion that the system is just and fairly depicts the relative difficulties encountered by supporters that evening.”

Written by Muhammad Qasim