Punjab will digitise the registration of birth, death, and marriage certificates

Punjab’s acting local government and community development minister, has instructed his office to digitise birth, death, and marriage certificate registrations in order to speed up and improve transparency

The change happened as a result of numerous residents’ complaints over the lengthy registration process. To prevent individuals from having to wait in huge lines, the Caretaker Minister also instructed to offer this service at the doorsteps of the populace.

He added that local government employees should be trained to improve their skills and instructed the department to take action against fraudulent credentials provided by union councils.

A World Bank report that was previously made public through ProPakistani showed that Pakistan is experiencing a variety of digital gaps related to connectivity, employment possibilities, and digital skills.

According to the survey, there are 124 million internet users and about 194 million cellular mobile subscribers combined, but most of them utilise 3G or 4G to access the internet. Only 2% of households have broadband connections, which limits the possibilities for businesses and services that require huge volumes of data.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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