PM Attends Geneva on Flood Recovery Moot Points

Pakistan pledges 8.5 billion Dollars at Geneva’s “Climate Resilient Pakistan” Conference!!

After the proposal of Shehbaz Sharif on Pakistan’s post-disaster strategy in Geneva, the world announces to pledge Pakistan with 8.5 billion dollars which may help the country to recover from this devastating flood effects.

This announcement gives a sigh of relief to Pakistan so that the country will recover from damages and helps the economy.

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that a large part of Pakistan suffered from this flood. I personally witnessed this heartbroken situation that led the country down. Almost Eight Hundred Thousand people were directly effect, and a large area of land was damaged. However, the passion of the people of Pakistan in this tough situation is very amazing. The country also required 16.3 billion dollars and 3 years to revive the infrastructure and economy.

PM Shehbaz Sharif addresses the audience about the disastrous situation and revival strategy. He also said thanks to the world that they felt pain for the people of Pakistan and gathered here to help us. We will never forget the world community for helping us and standing with us for a better future for Pakistan. He added that for the revival of flood victims and the framework of infrastructure redevelopment, we require 16.3 billion dollars, of which 50% will be bear by the country.


The Prime Minister Says $16.3 Billions Required for Affected Areas

During the conference, the world community ensures that we all stand with Pakistan in this disastrous situation. The pledge announcement from the international communities starts with the Islamic Development Bank, which ensures 4.2 billion dollars, the World Bank 2 billion dollars, the EU 93 million dollars, Germany 88 million dollars, China 100 million dollars, the Asian Development Bank 1.5 billion dollars, Japan 77 million dollars, US Aid 100 million dollars, France 345 million dollars which makes the total of 8.5 billion dollars.

The federal minister of Information and Broadcasting, Marriyum Aurangzeb, Shared the above details on Twitter and said that the Geneva conference ended with the hope that Pakistan would get through this difficult situation with the generous help of the international community.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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