Pandago – Foodpanda Launches Delivery Services In Pakistan

Foodpanda launches new delivery services in Pakistan, Deliver Anything!

This is where foodpanda brings a cost-effective solution for mango vendors – foodpanda has started its own exclusive delivery system by the name of pandago; an on demand delivery service! This service is aimed at helping businesses big and small, and far and near in delivering their goods to the customers they are intended for. This means that mango vendors have the option to change up their logistical routine and give pandago a try when it comes to transporting their produce.

Foodpanda was acquired by Delivery Hero in 2016 which allowed it to benefit from Delivery Hero’s global operating capacity and their adherence to standardizing best practices. What sets foodpanda apart is their business strategy and their commitment to their customers. They offer stunningly innovative services aimed at reducing the disparity between the market’s provisions and the consumers’ expectations from it. Mango vendors can rest assured that pandago’s delivery service will ensure the protection of their fruit and only undertake the best practices during transportation.

Amongst the numerous unique selling points offered by pandago, the most efficient and customer centric is their dynamic pricing model. Thanks to this genius addition, companies are treated and billed as per the size of their operations – this comes as great news for new entrepreneurs who may not have the funds to play among the big leagues but are trying to make a name for themselves in the market.

Thanks to foodpanda’s success as a business, and its countless satisfied customers, and vendors alike, pandago has the added benefit of starting with a trusted network of experienced riders that know their way around the streets.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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