Pakistan Became Proton’s Top Export Destination For Vehicles.

Pakistan is Proton’s largest export market as it expands its global presence

Pakistan is Proton’s largest export market as it expands its global presence. Popular Malaysian news source Paul Tan reports that in November 2022, the manufacturer exported 5,028 units to foreign markets, 2,610 of which went to Pakistan.

Other export markets included Brunei and South Africa. The Saga continues to be the most popular export model, according to Proton, with the X70 and the X50 coming in second and third, respectively, after nearly doubling their sales volumes.

As we expand into more new areas and use a combination of CBU and CKD strategies according on market conditions, Proton’s export volume is expanding quickly. One of the pillars of our sales development is export sales, so we will work to maintain our fast growth over the coming years and strengthen our position as Malaysia’s top vehicle exporter.
Proton has a huge market share in Malaysia, but it still has a long way to go before it becomes well-known there. According to recent market reports, the Malaysian automaker may be making progress.

By selling more than 500 X70s, Al-Haj Automotive marked an impressive milestone in October 2022. According to a report from, this represents the SUV’s highest sales total since it first appeared in Pakistan.

Al-Haj Proton has had a difficult two years, mainly because of protracted delivery delays brought on by logistical difficulties brought on by COVID-19.

Nevertheless, despite Pakistan’s continuous economic unrest, Al-Haj Automotive’s recent increase in sales is a sign of the company’s ascent to prominence.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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