New Punjab Assembly Building Is Inaugurated By Elahi

The CM said that the province has fostered the political ideals of tolerance and fraternity

Speaking during the ceremony, the CM said that the province has fostered the political ideals of tolerance and fraternity. Although we have done a decent job of containing the opposition, PMLN is a master of malfeasance. The PMLN is known for doing awful things because no one can stop them and it doesn’t matter to them. After 5–10 years, they take over and then demolish all prior progress before leaving. He regretted that they board the train at the same station from which they had gotten off. The PMLN train is made up entirely of devastation. This train is the same type as the final one that came at the time of Pakistan’s establishment and whose occupants were chopped in two.

The CM stated that the Punjab assembly had passed the most legislation in Pakistani history while being led by Imran Khan. Imran Khan asserted and added that innumerable assemblies around the world have been constituted in the past 300 years, but police have not entered any assembly. Legislation for the service of religion is Imran Khan, PTI, and our honour. There was once a homicide in the Westminster British Assembly that left an unsightly stain. Although a murder was not committed here, it was nonetheless a murder. At the request of our renegade deputy speaker and other PMLN goons, the police entered the Punjab legislature.

He stated that the police could never enter the Assembly and launch an attack like this. Private PMLN employees and goons broke into the assembly, causing mayhem and injuring women. Aasia Bibi, a member of the assembly, suffered a critical injury, but thanks to Allah, the Almighty, she is now recovering. He continued by saying that it was impossible to forget the police’s intervention within the Punjab assembly. The incidence of police incursion and riots in the Punjab assembly is a stain on history.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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