New Electric Scooter Made In Pakistan Has Been Launched

Pakistan’s first indigenous electric scooter, the C1 has been unveiled by Evee Electric, a Pakistani start-up.

Earlier this month, Evee Electric, a Pakistani start-up firm, unveiled Pakistan’s first indigenous electric scooter, the C1. Featuring a flat floorboard and a compact wheelbase, the scooter is easy to mount and dismount in work clothing.

The company claims that the 60V 20Ah Lead Dry Acid Battery powering the C1 will allow the vehicle to travel up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. The scooter also features several cutting-edge amenities, including an anti-theft alarm, reverse gear, and a hub magnetic coil that supports up to 550 charging cycles.

A 1200W motor and a 12-tube vector controller provide the C1 with a maximum speed of 55 km/hr and a load capacity of 150 kg. The scooter also boasts a disk brake and a color display meter for enhanced user experience. Approximately six to seven hours will be required for charging.

A new EV scooter made in Pakistan by Evee Electric is set to disrupt the local two-wheeler market and offer a more sustainable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. The company has yet to announce the official price of the C1, which is set to be unveiled on Wednesday.

This new addition to the electric vehicle market is poised to make waves and serves as a testament to Pakistan’s growing capability in developing green technologies. It is a positive step towards a more sustainable future, and Evee Electric is leading the charge.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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