Musk Alerts Staff That Twitter Is Getting More “Hardcore”

Wednesday morning, Elon Musk sent a memo to the Twitter workforce warning them to get used to the “hardcore Twitter” or else.

According to The Washington Post, the workers reportedly had to sign a contract committing them to remain with the business.

An email that was sent to every employee said, “If you are sure that you want to be a part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below.” The Post reported that the message invited staff to complete the online form that was attached by Thursday at 5 EST, after which they would be required to depart the company with severance pay.

In the email, Musk warned staff that the microblogging platform would need to develop into something “very hardcore” in the future and that working long hours would be required. The only acceptable performance will be extraordinary performance.

With Musk’s takeover of Twitter, numerous significant changes are being made. Twitter’s Blue Verified, his first significant offering, is solving problems. For a $8 monthly charge, the function enables users to have a blue checkmark icon (or verification status).

The CEO tweeted that the product would relaunch on November 29 “to make sure that it is rock solid” following some issues.

The billionaire has made a lot of contentious decisions. He allegedly let go 90% of the Indian employees. According to a Bloomberg story, the company currently employs just over a dozen people in India, where it had just over 200 workers before the drastic reduction. Musk also stopped allowing staff to work remotely since he only wanted them to do it in the office.

The Twitter team reportedly reported putting in 80 hours per week to finish assignments on time. Some claimed that because of the workload, they were forced to sleep on the office floor because they were unable to leave.

The billionaire who predicted there would be many “stupid mistakes” on the platform had some modifications reversed. He wrote, “We will maintain what works and adjust what doesn’t.

He admitted on Monday that he had “too much work” on his “plate,” adding that he worked “seven days a week” from early until night.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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