Murree’s Mall Road Is Restricted To Traffic Due To Tonight’s Forecast Of Snowfall

Entry of automobiles to Murree’s popular tourist destination, the Mall Road, has been prohibited

Due to the Met Office’s forecast of snow starting tonight, entry of vehicles to Murree’s popular tourist destination, the Mall Road, has been prohibited.

Authorities are taking preventative measures to avoid situations like the one that occurred in January of this year when 22 tourists died from exposure to the cold inside of their cars after becoming caught in a snowstorm.

More than 270 officers have been stationed at various locations to maintain the smooth flow of traffic, according to the traffic police in Murree, who also stated that parking cars in no-parking zones is not permitted.

To assist the tourists, a traffic control room has also been set up at the Sunnay Bank Chowk, and checking checkpoints will be installed at all entry points.

The police added that a particular schedule would be established for the transit of heavy vehicles and that only suitable vehicles and drivers with valid licences will be permitted to enter the hill station.

The night of December 28 and 29 was expected to bring snow to Murree, Kashmir, and other hilly locations, according to the Met office.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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