Microsoft Professional Record Holder Pakistani Teen Now Facing Murder Charges Over Land Dispute

Babar Iqbal, a cyber prodigy from Pakistan, is accused of murder in a horrifying incident

Babar Iqbal, a cyber prodigy from Pakistan, is accused of murder in a horrifying incident that occurred in the district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the country’s northwest.

Bilal Iqbal, who had cemented his name in history by being certified as the youngest Microsoft software engineer, has been charged with murder. The case was filed on Monday with the Cant Police Station in the Qayyumabad neighbourhood of DI Khan.

According to the FIR, two labourers named Amanullah and Mohammad Arshad were attacked on Friday, December 30, and later died from gunshot wounds as a result of a land dispute over a 12-marla piece.

The dead person’s son Mohammad Sajid filed a complaint at the Cantt police station, accusing Babar Iqbal of murdering his father. According to reports, the deceased father resided in the area and worked for Mehboob, the plot’s current owner.

Sajid reportedly told police that in addition to killing his father and another guy, Babar allegedly hurt workers at the scene.

Mehboob, the plot’s owner, and Babar got into an argument about who owned the property, albeit the specifics haven’t yet been revealed.

Following the assault, Babar and his mother fled the area as police searched a vacant home in the same neighbourhood.

The public has been stunned by the teen boy’s double murder accusations. He received the Microsoft Certified Professional Award at the young age of 9.

Babar once won significant awards for becoming the youngest Certified Internet Web Professional Associate (CIWPA) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in the world, both at the age of 9. (CIWA).

He attained the title of Youngest Certified Wireless Network Administrator at the age of 10, and at the age of 11, the title of Youngest Microsoft Student Partner (MSP). At age 12, the IT nerd earned the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in NET 3.5. The geek’s sister apparently lived in Europe and Britain.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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