Mickey Arthur Will Join India In Upcoming ODI World Cup

Mickey will become a unique type of coach; he will join the team in ODI mega event in India

Mickey Arthur will join the Pakistan team very soon for coaching.

It is reported that the deal between Mickey Arthur and PCB will be finalized within 2 weeks. After that, he will be available to the team online. He will do a few on-filed assignments. Moreover, it is reported that he will join the team in the upcoming ODI mega event of the World Cup in India. Until then, he will be a full-time on-field coach for  Derbyshire County Cricket Club.

This is a first of its kind of agreement of PCB for coaching staff. The cricket board is taking this step by considering his record of efforts in team Pakistan’s wins. Mickey’s assistant will be the on-field coach for the team. He will assist the team via online mode.

In a press conference, Mr. Chairman said a few days ago, “Mickey Arthur’s chapter is not closed as of yet. I am in contact with him personally. His return is still on cards,”

Under his coaching, Pakistan won the first-ever champion trophy in 2017. Besides that, Pakistan also won 11 consecutive T20 series under his coaching.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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