Lunches, Dinners, And High Tea Are Prohibited In Government Buildings In Sindh

The government of Sindh has made a series of austerity announcements, including a prohibition on high tea, a reduction in the utility quota for government employees, a ban on the purchase of all vehicles, and the creation of new roles.

According to the notification, the government has outlawed lunches, dinners, and high teas at its own offices as well as those of its associated departments and independent groups.

Additionally, the acquisition of office supplies and equipment has been limited, and the use of utilities at the government and office levels will both be lowered by 10%.

The provincial administration has instructed its staff to discourage unnecessary travel for meetings and to encourage zoom meetings at official facilities.

84 districts across the nation have been impacted by flooding, according to WHO. According to a WHO spokesman for Pakistan, flooding has damaged almost 2,000 medical facilities.

Unprecedented floods in Pakistan has affected almost 33 million people. The construction of all the damaged homes would cost Rs 160 billion, of which the World Bank has pledged Rs 110 billion, and the remaining amount is being arranged by the provincial government from the federal government and through sources and donors. 1.7 million homes have been damaged by the flood.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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