Logitech Launched G-Fits; First Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The well-known gaming company Logitech launched G Fits, The First Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The well-known gaming company will launch its brand-new earbuds today. These earbuds are most suitable for gamers. It will enhance the gaming experience with a noise-free voice, a powerful microphone, and adjustability with the ears.

As every person has a different fingerprint, the same is valid with the ear. Most of the time, ear plug adjustability annoys gamers due to its fixed-size production. But these new G-Fits let you adjust it according to your ear for a better sound experience.

It provides a better sound quality due to filters in the earbuds. Users can listen to every single detail. Moreover, its connectivity is incredible; it connects to PCs, MacBooks, and Xbox within no time. Furthermore, the transfer rate is with the speed of light.

Players can connect via LIGHTSPEED to their PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, docked Nintendo Switch and Android devices through USB-A or USB-C.

The Logitech G FITS True Wireless Gaming Earbuds will be available from February 1 at a suggested retail price of $229.99 / £219 / €249.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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