Layoffs At Amazon Will Continue In 2023

As its yearly planning process continues into the following year and leaders continue to make adjustments, announced on Thursday that there would be additional role reductions.

In a letter to staff members, Andy Jassy, the company’s new CEO who took over in 2021, stated that “those decisions will be shared with impacted workers and organisations early in 2023.”

Jassy noted that the organisation was currently deciding what should change in each of its businesses as part of an annual operating planning review.

How many additional roles will be impacted by the change is still up in the air for Amazon.

According to a person familiar with the firm, Inc. still plans to eliminate roughly 10,000 jobs, including those in its retail division and human resources. As a result, the company said on Wednesday that it had let go of some employees in its devices group.

The business has decided to merge teams in its devices division, which popularised speakers that users can control verbally, according to Amazon CEO Dave Limp in a blog post. It gave notice to the workers it fired on Tuesday.

He remarked, “We continue to operate in a peculiar and unpredictable macroeconomic situation. We have been working over the past few months to further prioritise what is important to our customers and the company in light of this.

Plans, which are still in flux, to reduce 10,000 roles by closing more businesses would result in a 3% drop in Amazon’s approximately 300,000-person corporate staff. According to a source familiar with Amazon’s job-cutting plans, the business has made voluntary buyout offers to some human resources employees.

Although it was unclear how broadly consumers had embraced it for duties other than checking the news and weather, the online store sought to make Alexa, the voice assistant that drives the devices it sells, omnipresent and available to place any shopping order.

Following the news of the layoffs, the price of the stock decreased by around 2%.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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