Kenya refused to reopen Arshad Sharif Murder Case

Kenya refused Pakistani investigators request to reopen Arshad Sharif Murder case, he was Pakistani Journalist who was killed in Kenya.

Pakistan request multiple time to investigate properly about the death of Arshad Sharif but they rejected several time.

Kenya claim that they already helped Pakistan many time and now Pakistan want to open the case again and again so it is not possible for them to investigate several time. That is why they closed the file of Arshad Sharif.

According to social media users he was killed in planned murder in Kenya, and the police were involved, that is the reason still two countries are unable to give justice to his family.

Pakistani investigators request to visit the area where the incident was happened, but this request was rejected by Kenya government officials.

Pakistan has written to Kenya foreign minister to investigate and to help Pakistan finding the reason behind this incident, he replied that “he is unable to help Pakistan in this case”.

Javeria Siddique, wife of the late Arshad Sharif said that “I don’t have anyone in Kenya who helps me with legal matters, I want justice for my husband, she request Chief Justice of Kenya Williams Ruto for justice.

A long time has passed, till now Arshad Sharif has not received justices according to law. Two countries cannot bring justice together, and this is why the affected family is helpless in the face of grief and anger.

Written by Piyar Ali

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