HEC Autonomy is Ended by the Federal Govt

Pakistan’s Federal Government proposes to amend significantly the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Ordinance 2002.

It is proposed that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Ordinance 2002 be amended significantly by the Federal Government of Pakistan. In the near future, the HEC will become part of the Ministry of Education, marking a significant change in the operational structure of the commission.

According to sources, the provinces will no longer be represented in the autonomous 18-member forum. These proposed amendments have already been approved by the cabinet committee for legislation, which seeks to limit the authority of the HEC.

The new laws will elevate the federal minister above the chairman of the HEC and require the Ministry of Education to approve HEC laws. Additionally, the Executive Director of the Higher Education Commission will be appointed by the government rather than elected.

It is expected that the proposed amendments will be presented to the federal cabinet for final approval within the next few days. In addition to affecting the future of higher education in Pakistan, the changes to the HEC’s operating structure will likely spark discussions and debates within academic circles.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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