Government to Announce 2 Million Jobs Under National Youth Employment Policy

The National Youth Employment Policy, which is being implemented by the present administration, will offer two million job possibilities to Pakistan’s youth.

At the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Year of Youth, Khawaja emphasised Pakistan’s vast young population, which makes up 68% of the nation’s population and numbers about 150 million individuals under the age of 30.

She claimed that young people represent not just the present but also the future of the nation, and that given the correct opportunity, they may develop into priceless assets. Girls Learn Girls Earn, Blue Collar Jobs, and offering decent career opportunities are some of the government’s top priorities for youth empowerment. Education, employment, participation, and the environment are the four “Es” that are highlighted in the Prime Minister’s Youth Program.

To ensure its success and effectiveness, the Prime Minister’s Youth Program was developed after broad consultation with young people and relevant stakeholders.

A National Youth Council made up of young people who are committed to the advancement and welfare of society has also been established. In all of its programmes, the government gives special consideration to young people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, religious minorities, and those with disabilities. In reaction to the natural calamities brought on by climate change in Pakistan, it has started the Green Youth Movement.

Khawaja thanked the Secretary-General for organising the event and asked for increased efforts to rally the nation’s youth this year.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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