Government Announces Significant LPG Price Increase Following Petrol Bomb

For Pakistanis, there doesn’t seem to be any hope of relief. In response to the ongoing economic crisis, the price of petroleum recently increased by Rs. 35, and now the price of LPG has also increased

The per-kilogram price of LPG has increased by Rs. 60, rising to Rs. 264 per kg, according to an official announcement made by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

As a result, the cost of both home and commercial cylinders has greatly increased. Domestic cylinder costs have increased by Rs. 703, to Rs. 3,115. After an increase of Rs. 2,706, the commercial cylinder tariff now stands at Rs. 11,984.

Irfan Khokhar, the chairman of the LPG Industries Association of Pakistan, reacted angrily to the news, accusing OGRA of notifying a record price hike for LPG.

The federal government abruptly raised the price of gasoline last week on Sunday morning. Everyone was taken aback by the decision, which was made two days prior to the regularly scheduled biweekly review.

The decision was made, according to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, who also noted that new prices had been announced prior to the fortnightly review because social media was rife with rumours that petroleum prices would increase by Rs. 50, creating an artificial shortage at gas stations throughout the nation.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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