France Has Promised Support For Pakistan’s Flood Victims

The prime minister of France offered a 100 million dollar help package for Pakistani flood victims

France’s Prime Minister Macron has announced 100 million dollars in aid for the flood victims in Pakistan to be held in Geneva. Speaking at the ceremony, French President Macron said that there is no doubt that the floods have affected Pakistan.

Pakistan bravely faced the destruction caused by the floods and will provide all possible support for the rehabilitation of the flood victims from international organizations. I also demand Pakistan’s help. I am ready to offer sports to the Prime Minister of Pakistan personally.On behalf of the French people and government, we express our condolences to the people of Pakistan.

Addressing the event, UN Secretary Antonio Gotris said he was surprised to see the spirit of Pakistanis even under challenging situations. Large-scale measures are needed to restore infrastructure, and countries affected the y climate change need support.

. A large part has been affected by the recent floods in Pakistan.Seeing the scenes of the flood in Pakistan broke my heart. About 80 lacks the flood displaced people. 

Written by Aly Bukshi

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