Federal officials would donate their salaries to the earthquake victims in Turkey

The Federal Cabinet unanimously decided to donate their whole month’s salary to the victims of the recent terrible earthquake in Turkey as a demonstration of sympathy and support

The federal government’s officials, who are reportedly in grades 18 to 22, will donate one day’s pay to a relief fund created especially for this reason.

Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif announced the creation of this fund and urged all Pakistanis to actively contribute to it in a statement.

The prime minister declared that Pakistan will not desert Turkey in its hour of need and that it is imperative for the nation to stand with its Turkish brothers and sisters during these tough times.

The Federal Cabinet’s action exemplifies the close ties of friendship and compassion that the two countries share. The generosity of the Pakistani government will enable those affected by the calamity find solace and support as the people of Turkey endure tragic loss.

It is anticipated that this initiative will encourage others to join in and make donations to the relief fund so that the global community may work together to significantly improve the lives of people affected by this disaster.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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