Famous UFC Fighter Kevin Lee Accepted Islam

“Allah always has a plan and I’m glad I’m on the right path.” These are the words of Former UFC fighter Kevin Lee on embarrassing Islam

In the last few days, the famous UFC fighter Kevin Lee accepted Islam and he announced it via his Twitter handle. In his tweet, he also revealed that he had accepted Islam in October 2021, but due to some reason, he had not publicized his Shahada.

He said in his tweet “Since being public about my conversion as a Muslim I’ve had a lot of people reach out to give support. I see all the messages and calls I feel the love.”

he said more in another tweet “just to clarify because I see the questions, I officially accepted Islam in my life in October 2021 I just have not come out publicly until recently. I want to start a podcast soon so I can speak more in-depth there.”

On social media, there is a mixed reaction to his announcement. Some of the users are warmly welcoming him, while others are angry about his act. In November 2022, the famous social media activist and former fighter Andrew Tate also embraced Islam. In a video, he was shown performing Salah.

Kevin Lee fought 25 professional fights. He won 19 and face defeat in the rest of the 6.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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