Dutch Researcher Predicted 3 Days Before the Devastating Turkey Earthquake

3 days before the devastating earthquake in Turkey, a Dutch researcher sent a prediction.

There has been an explosion of attention after a Dutch researcher sent a prediction 3 days before the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

In a statement on February 3 published by Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), a research organization that studies seismic activity, Frank Hoogerbeets, a researcher with the survey, predicted that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake would mark the region in and around South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon sooner or later. It was interesting to see how few people on Twitter took notice of the prediction, and some even flagged him as a pseudoscientist and questioned his earlier predictions.

In a message posted on Twitter, the researcher expressed his grief over the incident and wrote, “My heart goes out to everyone affected by yesterday’s major earthquake in Central Turkey. My point before was that sooner or later, and this would happen in this region, similar to things that happened in the years 115 and 526.”

A major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8, followed by two more powerful quakes within weeks of his reading, devastated wide stretches of Turkey and Syria on Monday (February 6), killing thousands of people. According to him, this type of earthquake is always preceded by a change of critical planetary geometry, just like we had on 4-5 February.

In the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGS), Frank Hoogerbeetshe is working as a researcher with the institute’s mission to monitor the geometric relationships between celestial bodies concerning seismic activity. A few years ago, Hoogerbeets told FOX40 that, while he predicted an earthquake in California that didn’t come true, he is a science enthusiast that doesn’t possess a degree. SSGS also updated their website on February 2 with a report predicting the quake will occur between 4 and 6 February, which may be up to a magnitude of 6 or higher. However, there is a slight chance of a larger earthquake to occur around February 4.”

It is rumored that a second earthquake will likely strike Pakistan, India, and other countries soon, following the Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets’ prediction regarding the devastating earthquake.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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