Controversy Begins Before The Match Begins; Nagpur Pitch Doctrine

Australia will tour India for four matches. Media hyped the pitch controversy before the match began.

The advantage of the home series is the desire of every team. Hosts don’t want to let their country down in front of visitors. Different tactics are being used to achieve this aim.

Australia is coming to India to play a four-match test match series with the host. This series will decide the finalists of the world test championship, being played in the upcoming month. The Border Gavaskar trophy 2023 is starting tomorrow. But before the match began, controversy over pitch doctrine got hyped in the media.

The hype was created after the Nagpur pitch was observed. It was seen that the pitch there was uneven watering on the pitch. Pitch curators intentionally left the off side of both sides of the pitch of left-handers. While talking to Australian media, Captain Cummins said the picture was doctored to handicap the left-hand batters. He said the lefties have to work hard to stay on the pitch for longer.

After his talk, the Australian media began to hype this issue.

In response, Rohit Sharma said to media persons,

“Just focus on cricket and not the pitch. After all the 22 guys out there are all quality players,”

He also added,

“We have four solid test matches to play in the BGT and we would want to win the series. It is going to be a challenging series and we have to be up for it. Preparation is the key. If you prepare well, you get results,”

Fox news anchor person about this dry patch pitch to Indian legend Ravi Shastri. His sudden response was,

“That is bulls**t!”

He explained his answer with the following statement.

“It always happens, you get 15mm grass, 18mm grass or 12mm grass in different places around the ground … at the end of this first Test, I’m sure there’ll be someone who scores a hundred. If someone can get a hundred or 80-plus on that pitch, they’ve played well and he will go and say, ‘What’s wrong with the pitch? You stay there, you apply yourself, your shot selection is good, you get runs’. But if you go out there and think you’re going to smash every ball, good luck to you.”

Although the final eleven for tomorrow’s test from the Australian side is not declared, it’s hoped that the visitors will come into action with strong left-hand batters, i.e., Usman Khawaja and others. It is assumed the pitch condition will put them in trouble to bat finely.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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