Changan Makes A Significant Discount Offer To Alsvin

In an effort to draw customers for small family cars, Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) has announced a discount offer for Alsvin

Through a registration rebate, the deal provides a savings of Rs. 200,000. Additionally, it includes a client price lock, expedited shipping, and an insurance plan.

The offer only applies to Alsvin; neither the Oshan X7 nor the Karavan minivan are included. The offer’s expiration date hasn’t been specifically mentioned by the corporation, although it probably has a short shelf life.

Reduced sales

MCML has apparently seen a modest reduction in sales as a result of the current national economic crisis, despite streamlining the production of all its cars.

According to a report from, MCML sold 15,100 units in 2022, a 1% year-over-year dip in sales, which is a slight but noticeable decrease.

Just over 15,500 units were sold by Kia Lucky Motor Corporation (KLMC) in 2018, a 31% year-over-year (YOY) fall in sales, compared to 12,686 units sold by Hyundai Nishat Motors Private Limited (HNMPL) in 2022, a 42% YOY gain in sales. In terms of annual sales, it was still behind KLMC and MCML.

The government’s efforts to restock its foreign exchange reserves and concentrate on importing necessities will cause analysts to predict that the first half of 2023 will remain slow for the auto industry.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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