Bride Refuses To Marry After Groom’s Family Provides A Low-cost Bridal Outfit

A lady in Uttarkhand, India, had a fit and refused to wed her intended because she felt the lehnga, the customary bridal skirt, was not expensive enough.

The Haldiwani girl was anticipating the groom to give her a “mehegna lehenga” (expensive wedding gown), but she really got the complete opposite. The locals told Indian media that she did not like the attire at all.

This was another another instance of the passion and intensity that are typical of Indian wedding celebrations. The couple was already engaged, the locals told the media.

She was given a bridal outfit that was “just” INR 10,000. The bride had a tantrum after learning the price tag because she wanted something opulent.

The lehenga, however, was allegedly acquired “exclusively” from Lucknow, a city renowned for its high-quality clothing, according to the groom’s family.

The guy from Ranikhet works in the healthcare industry, and the marriage was prearranged, the New Indian Express reported. The pair proposed in June, and a November 5 wedding was scheduled.

The printing and distribution of invitation cards began immediately after the engagement ceremony. The girl lost her cool at the sight of the lehenga and refused to get married even though all the wedding preparations were finished for the big day.

Local reports claim that the bride’s father offered her the use of his ATM card to purchase any clothing she desired, but the situation still went to the police since the girl wouldn’t settle down.

The Kotwali police were involved, but they were unable to resolve the problem. The marriage’s dissolution was decided upon after several hours of passionate discussion. The two parties quickly realised that parting ways would be the wisest course of action, despite the police in Haldwani’s best efforts to mediate the situation.

Two top police officials witnessed the dissolution of the marriage.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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