An Indian Man Cuts A Womans Throat And Uploads A Video Of Her Final Moments To The Internet

In a horrifying event, a guy uploaded a video of a lady in which he can be seen mocking the victim as she passes away at a resort in Jabalpur, India, after having her neck sliced.

The accused killer allegedly published the video, which went viral online, three days after the body of the 25-year-old was discovered.

In the selfie video, the alleged murderer is heard saying, “Bewafai nahi karne ka (do not be unfaithful),” before removing the victim’s blanket as she inhales her last breaths.

The girl is shown in the video breathing her final breath while lying in bed with her throat cut. According to the authorities, the perpetrator has not yet been apprehended and the footage was released on an Instagram account.

In a subsequent video, the suspect introduced himself as Abhijit Patidar and claimed to be a businessman. He admitted killing the woman in the video and claimed that she had been “two-timing” him and his business partner.

Additionally, he claimed that the victim killed the girl on the direction of his business partner after receiving INR 1 to 1.2 million from him. The police, however, do not accept his account.

The individual, who uses the victim’s Instagram account to upload recordings, was identified by the authorities, and they are currently tracking him.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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